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Corporate Products/ Marketing Tools

Utilized by hundreds of companies in the world, reknowned for its practical multi-functionality while the brand is one of the icons of Swiss quality, Victorinox brand products are great tools for any organization.

With the attributes of the brand and the nature of the items, the products are flexible, effective (marketing) tools to promote or consolidate a marketing mix and/or the organization's relationships - offering solutions which other promotional instruments sometimes cannot. For some examples of the effectiveness of Victorinox corporate products from a marketing perspective, please see the section "Real Marketing Cases" on the left panel.

The basic advantages of Victorinox brand products are:
  • Worldwide recognition and popularity
  • Premium Swiss quality
  • Perfect image-transfer
  • Large choice
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Quality from one source: product imprint, individual packaging

The products can be utilized e.g:
  • For sales promotion and in other promotional activities
  • For customer contacts and relationships
  • As souvenirs (e.g. for hotels)
  • As instrument for brand building
  • As jubilee gifts
  • For fairs
  • In direct response marketing
  • For customer loyalty programs

A downloadable brochure concerning Victorinox corporate products is available in the section "downloads", if you would like to have further information please feel free to contact us.
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