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Cooks in restaurant
Victorinox Forged Knives (Pisau2x Victorinox Forged).

Cutlery (Peralatan Masak, Alat-Alat Makan/ Dapur)

The way how ingredients are cut influences the taste and presentation of a dish. Therefore a good set of knives is needed to get the same, perfect creation continuously. Also, the best knives and utensils make working easier and more enjoyable. And last, but not least, the right set of tableware is required for creating an excellent meal experience. Cutlery from Victorinox is designed and made with strict quality requirements to meet those needs of households and professionals.

The best materials are selected, first class stainless steel is used to manufacture the cutlery. Then the cutting angle is laser tested, which, in combination with the correct hardness of the blade, results in superb sharpness. Furthermore, the latest technological innovations are incorporated, e.g. knives from Victorinox with Microban provide permanent additional hygienic protection while working with food.

With these characteristics cutlery from Victorinox is an excellent choice for the food processing industry, professionals in the kitchen and for all the cooking enthusiasts.

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Microban Antimicrobial Technology

Potato Peeler With Award
Potato Peeler 7.6074 (patented)
Peeling without distortion.
Image of Chef Knife With Fibrox Hanlde and 5 Stars
5 Stars
Independent consumer organizations and culinary media around the world have reviewed the Victorinox Chef Knife with Fibrox handle, and the knives got labeled as "best buys" and "recommended". A reviewer wrote for example: "Premium-quality knife at a bargain price. Knives costing four times as much would be hard pressed to match its performance. The blade is curved and sharp; the handle comfortable..."

Positive findings have also been confirmed by others. For instance, hundreds of buyers on a leading online store have given the 8" Victorinox Chef Knife with Fibrox handle the highest ranking (5 stars). This is an example of Victorinox' realization to make quality cutlery at affordable prices.

Image of set Victorinox Tableware

Set Tableware
Set tableware with steak knives (6x), spoons (6x), forks (6x) and tea spoons (6x).
Product id: 5.1333.24

Image of Chef's Case.

Complete Chef's Case
Large case containing cutlery for cooking enthusiasts and professionals. Additional information is available in the (online) catalogue.
Product id: 5.4923

Kategori: peralatan masak, alat makan/ dapur, pisau, sendok, garpu, sharpener dll.
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Swissa - Official Distributor Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in Indonesia: this section describes Victorinox cutlery for households and professionals (peralatan masak, alat makan/dapur untuk rumah tangga dan professionals).