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Cooks in restaurant

Image of a Microban test.
Microban technology gives continuous additional hygienic protection by reducing the risks of infection, cross-contamination and the reproduction of bacteria. The protection is permanent as it is incorporated in the knife-handle and will not wear out. Microban is also environmentally friendly.
This antibacterial innovation has been tested and certified by the following institutions:
  • the European Union Scientific Committee for Food
  • the Food and Drug Administration (USA)
  • the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority
  • the Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
Victorinox knives with Microban are well suited for e.g. hospitals, professionals in the kitchen and the food processing industry.

A downloadable folder about Victorinox Microban cutlery is available in our downloads section, for a selection of Victorinox Microban Knives in our online catalogue please click this link: Online Catalogue Microban.

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