Picture of a quality control.


  • Strong quality consciousness has influenced all activities at Victorinox since 1884. Maintaining the high quality standards for all Victorinox products is a priority.
  • Quite early in the lifecycle of the organization, this consciousness led to an efficient quality control system which is continually being further developed.
  • Incoming materials are submitted to different tests in the two separate laboratories which are equiped with the newest technologies. The tests conducted on the materials are:
    1. spectral analysis
    2. metallography
    3. corrosion resistance
    4. fatigue tests
    5. cutting tests

  • All incoming purchased parts must conform to the high quality standards. They must comply with certain guidelines including specific size and function tests. Whenever possible, random sample testing throughout all phases of production are conducted.
  • During the whole process, department managers are responsible for implementing the quality standards and improving the quality of the products. However, all personnel are integrated in the continual quality control process.
  • Tests are (again) conducted on the products in the final phase of the production line. These include tests with regard to:
    1. functionality
    2. design
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